“Le Naufrage des Civilisations”

The Middle-East is at the heart of the world’s news, to understand how it works now, we should know how the events on the past decade had an impact of what is going on today. We are not used to talk about books, but why not? (the book is for french readers)

The french book “Le Naufrage des Civilisations”, is full of stories, reminders or historical revelations that will make you travel through the ages…Indeed, the author uses an “omniscient” point of view and comments “little” events or stories that have now an impact on today’s life. The book invite to a reflexion and the observation of a real before and after that all people who lived these times can seize with more facility.

Regarding the cultural wealth of the Arab world, the author gives us the impression that it’s a lost paradise and that the Arab world full of artists and inspiration is unfortunately behind us.

If its golden age is perhaps behind us, we believe that the legacy is still there and it is important for us to participate in preserving it.

“May I dare to hope that one day the people who gave birth to Averroes, Avicenna, Ibn Arabi, Khayyam and Emir Abdelkader will also be able to restore to their civilization moments of real greatness?”

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