The brand that tea lovers need to know

Tea lovers? We’ve got you covered with Sayra ! Freshly made in Morocco, its flavors will make you enjoy the moment and travel.

If you don’t know this brand yet, it’s still time for you to catch up and offer yourself a unique moment of relaxation. Sayra teas have been elaborated with the utmost care, in order to make you travel and to perpetuate this inimitable ritual, and symbol of conviviality and hospitality that is so dear to Moroccans.


SAYRA, the first Moroccan house of high-end tea, is celebrating the art of this historic brew through authentic blends composed of fresh aromatics, grown in respect for the land and its traditions. A collection of exceptional teas and infusions, each telling the story of the art of Moroccan living, each possessing the magic of its place of origin. Taking pride in its oriental roots and exploring local wealth, it takes you into a journey of senses, during which tea flavors have been meticulously picked to imagine unique getaway moods.

Thé à la menthe et à la rose
Green Tea with Goji Berries


If you are looking for a tea with delicate flavors, you can opt for the rose petals and mint tea or green tea with Goji berries, a very subtle blend that that will take you away ! For the undecided ones, the box tastings is a safe bet, you can discover all their flavors and share a unique moment with your beloved ones.