Sweet escape in Tunis

With only three hours flight from Europe,you have almost no excuses to make a getaway for a few days to Tunisia.

To make the most of what the city of Tunis got for you, we asked our Tunisian community for tips & recommendations of places that Tunisian people prefer to make you live this stay as a local!

Regarding accommodation, 3 places we recommended : Dar Souad and Dar Ennasim in Marsa, and Dar El Jeld located in the medina.

These three places have a refined decoration with a special mention to Dar El Jeld and Dar Souad where there is a unique freshness.

Credit photo : Dar El Jeld

Credit photo : Dar Souad

When it comes to food,  head to La Marsa, the Kitchen, the Grand Bleu, the Gulf and the Closerie for lunch or dinner. You will taste there typical and refined dishes.

If you are looking for a place with an amazing view of Sidi Bou Said, Dar Zarrouk is the place to go for dinner.

Credit photo : Dar Zarrouk

Several places in Tunis have a breathtaking view and were recommended by locals including 716 Lake 2 where you can go for a a brunch or a breakfast. To make a stop, drink a cup of tea and enjoy the view, the Movenpick is where you need to go ….

And finally the best known of all : the Café des délices … its celebrity is not just about Patrick Bruel’s song ‘Au Café des Délices’, it seems that this place has the best view of Tunis! ‘Ya Lil Lil Lil, habibi Ya Lil’ …. this is why the french singer fell in love with this place.

Credit photo : Site Sidi Bou Said

For those who want to discover the Tunisian nightlife, head to The Plaza at la Marsa or the lounge in Dar Zarrouk after a dinner in their restaurant. To extend the night, the Yucca or Sicario are the most popular places, they will make you spend the best time until the sunrise!

After spending the best time in Tunis as a local, it’s time to think about your beloved ones or what you want to take to soften your way back home … You will find the best cakes at Masmoudi or Mrs. Hachicha.

 Credit photo : So Many Paris

I do not know about you, but all these addresses make us want to go there asap, so when are you planning to go to Tunis ?

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