Vanina, the eco-friendly brand

We dive today into the world of two talented Lebanese designers, Tatiana Fayad and Joanne Hayek, two childhood friends, who decided to launch together their brand 8 years ago. A longstanding collaboration that is now bearing fruit!

They consider their brand, as a real way to express their creativity and their ideals, among a sensitivity to the environment and the use of recycling materials. Thus, all the collections are designed with an eco and social responsible footprint. This initiative is demonstrated in the latest collection “Conserved” designed with recycled tin cans, in order to respond to the waste crisis still happening in Lebanon. The conserved collection is considered as a strong answer to the critical lack of tin cans recycling. They collect cans and sort them, with the collaboration of a local NGO, before transforming them manually in their own workshop. To finalize the collection, a work of polishing and lacquering on the material is done to result to an original and refined collection, with the respect of the environment.

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It is a committed vision representing now the brand’s DNA. This makes Tatiana and Joanne not only the talented designers who are designing refined and original pieces, but also committed ones for important and necessary causes.

A subtle mix of natural and delicacy, that takes us into the unique world of this great brand…

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