How to become a more responsible Fashion consumer ?

Did you know that the fashion industry was one of the world most polluting industries ?

Knowing this fact, we can not remain silent and we wanted to think about the actions that we can do on our stage to improve our impact on the planet and society?

For us, it is essential to get out of this excessive consumerist era in which we live. Between a frantic pace of collections and the fact that we are continuously prompted to purchase, it is clearly difficult to resist the temptation of the “affordable” that makes the case for the season while staying on top of trendiness ..

We buy continuously, and every year we fold, give and sell our pieces bought during the previous seasons. As a result, we are encouraging an industry that is gorging itself and reducing  every day the life span of our beloved planet.

At My Souk In The City, we sincerely believe that it is possible to strive for a better and more responsible fashion. Supporting designers and emerging designers goes with the return to the essence of fashion, where handmade pieces and the time spent in manufacturing are valued. Buying a designer piece goes also with buying a piece that will last and accompany us for a long time and for life moments that we will remember for ever. 

Finally, our selection of designers is made up of brands that work closely with local artisans, promote eco-responsible initiatives and help support social initiatives in their country.

What about you ? Did you start to buy more consciously ?

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