Our summer beauty essentials

Choosing the right product for your skin and hair is always a tricky : how to find the right combination between a product that sublimates us and is good for our skin with a clean and transparent composition ?

We are committed to selecting the best brands and products for you. That’s why we had a real crush for Jerraflore that brings together all these criteria. We also like the transparency of the brand on its composition, its fresh and girly world, but also the price of its products that are very accessible for the quality offered.

Oil is a beauty essential that moisturizes and nourishes deeply and has multiple benefits when not mixed with unknown ingredients. For this summer, we have prepared a selection of oils to adopt with no hesitation and that will make feel your skin, and hair better. 

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is known to absorb UV rays, mixed with your usual sunscreen to enhance the protection of your skin. The skin is nourished and protected. As night care, sesame oil, rich in essential fatty acids regenerates and softens the skin.


Coconut oil

Super oil with multiple beneficial properties, coconut oil does not need to be introduced anymore. Use it as an after-sun care and apply a few drops of coconut oil on your body and face, especially on areas that have been heated by the sun. Your skin is soothed and abundantly nourished.


Argan Oil

Rich in vitamin E and other antioxidant compounds, Argan oil also helps to fight against skin aging. Use it as a facial treatment to deeply nourish and regenerate the skin or for your hair to repair, strengthen and make it look shiny and soft.

Hemp Oil

Jerraflore hemp oil is extracted from cannabis seeds.Rich in vitamin E, this anti-aging oil soothes, revitalizes and nourishes deeply the skin. Hemp oil promotes as well cutaneous microcirculation and reduces redness.

This oil is also ideal for sun dried hair. Apply it generously on the hair ends and let it absorb for a few hours during the night before washing with a mild shampoo.


Castor Oil

Castor oil is traditionally recommended for the care of hair, nails and eyelashes. Its thick and nutritious texture makes it an ideal care for the protection and fortification of nails and eyelashes.

Castor oil can also be used as a mask to repair damaged and tired hair by fortifying it. Mix a few drops of castor oil with a less thick and nutritious oil such as coconut oil or avocado oil and massage the scalp with this mixture. Leave it for 30 minutes in a hot towel before rinsing thoroughly. Strengthened, they are dense, soft and shiny.




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