Farah Asmar: Exclusive interview

It is from for her studio based in Jordan that Farah Asmar, a bags designer we love for her sensibility to details and the importance she gives to practical aspect, have answered our questions. As modern and active women, we can’t afford anymore to not have a bag as amazing as practical, and Farah knows it. All along the interview, discover our talented designer, joyful and confident.

1/ Why have you decided to work in fashion?

I have always been passionate about looks since I was a kid, I use to sketch fashion illustrations that my mom use to collect for me to improve my skills.

2/ Why have you decided to design bags?
I managed to get an internship with an Italian handbag designer who is based in London, the beauty of the finish and the ease of selling yet the challenge of creating a functional trendy design in such a limited space is what got me interested.

3/ What does a bag mean to you?
A bag has to be functional before anything for the lady to be confident she has all her essentials for the occasion safe in one space that is a statement.

4/ Which bag you have designed is your favorite?
I must say the mini ANABELLA which is best seller is my biggest hit as we managed to do it as a body cross, belt bag and a tote that would suit almost all occasions, where every season we would add a twist to the design.

5/ What is the type of woman you are designing for?
I design for a fashion forward woman who is always looking for something new rather than the high end brands out there.

6/ What is your best memory of your years in London?
Fashion changes rapidly and I use to go around to high end and vintage shops to get inspired, and I must say the window displays use to attract me a lot and grab my attention to details and stories behind collections. Now that I’m going back to live there I couldn’t be more excited for my morning inspirational walks with my partner who always supports and pushes me to do more!

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