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On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, Ipsos published surprising results from a survey : “52% of French people think that it is better to be a man against … 7% who stated that it is better to be a woman ”

Believe us, these portraits of women below will make you want more than ever to be a woman!

Carmen Busquets

Carmen Busquets for those who do not know her is the Fashion Angel behind Net-A-Porter, Farfetch and so many more fashion and e-commerce successes. She shares on her account her business news, but also her commitment in highlighting young creators and artisans, especially from Latin America.

Natalie Massenet

No need to introduce you to this amazing women as the success of Net-A-Porter is undeniable. Natalie Massenet is the pioneer in the online fashion and luxury, and we can only pay tribute to her career and success which are today a model for all of us.

Sophie Fontanel


Sophie Fontanel makes words live and breathe as nobody. All of her texts speak to us as they breathe authenticity. It means: follow your heart and you can still be authentic on social media

Mathilde Lacombe

Influencer and successful entrepreneur, we like to follow the daily life of Mathilde Lacombe who has just launched her new business Aime. Mother of three children and business women, Mathilde shows the way to all those who think that family life and entrepreneurship are not compatible. All you need is a life balance as she says it so well ..

Agathe Molinar

Agathe is an undeniable girlboss, she managed to make Lingerie accessible online thanks to LemonCurve. On Instagram, she shares her daily life, between personal life and professional achievements, which is very motivating for all the ones who would like to start their own business. 

Caterina Minthe

Caterina played a major role in launching Vogue Arabia in 2017, a first time for Vogue in the region. She works daily in the promotion of new talents and creators of the Middle East.

Nezha Alaoui

Nezha is a well known international influencer and a fervent advocate of female leadership. She is involved in several social initiatives with her Mayshad company, which promotes a lifestyle where everyone has the power to change their lives and achieve their own goals.

Lana El Sahely

This Lebanese influencer is an example for young Arab women. Beyond her Instagram account on which she shares her daily life between professional meetings and her personal life, Lana is a true entrepreneur, who is constantly elevating herself to new challenges.

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