Meet up with Oumaima, the jewel designer of Tamarzizt

Hello Oumaima, can you introduce yourself and tell us more about your origins, your career … When did you arrive in France?

I lived until the age of 21 in Tunisia where I had my baccalaureate. Then, and I had 3 years design studies, then I arrived in Paris to study in a jewelry school. So in 2007, I joined this wonderful little school called AFEDAP, it was a very beautiful experience during the 3 years that allowed me to train for my future career as a designer and which really helped me develop my sensibility toward jewelry.


How was Tamarzizt born?

After an experience as a freelance designer for various brands of jewelry, I decided to start my own business and develop my own collections. I wanted to convey my emotions and discoveries through my jewelry by creating pieces that could be wear by all women.


Where do your inspirations come from?

My inspirations are various, in the first place, it come from meetings: I meet many people in my job, beautiful meetings, friendships that are created and especially people with works and exceptional skills, which unfortunately with the times eventually disappear … I am also inspired by art and contemporary objects, and you always find in my collections a very architectural part and a very colorful part which is my second point of inspiration, an eternal nod to my sweet Tunisia and my beautiful continent.


How do you develop your collections?

Generally it all comes from a photo of an object, an image that crossed my eyes or my path, I can also find ideas directly by playing with the material, a chain, a ring like the reverse collection. Subsequently I look at the technical question to see if it is doable, if it can be easy to wear but generally I end up finding my own solutions for the realization.

This season, how come the idea of ​​animal forms, rabbits, fish, women …?

The Pop collection came from an afternoon spent with my niece; I draw animals with very playful shapes, so I had the idea to develop all these little figures.


Which legacies of Tunisia influence your work? In what ways?

Everyone knows the richness of the traditional dress in Tunisia.

I have always been impressed by the women’s jewelry during the festivities.

I worked with two different styles: my mother chose rather timeless modern jewelry, very light and she ended very late giving in to traditions; and on the other hand, my grandmother, her mother, was much more traditional… At her wrists, we always see 7 bracelets that may have a comforting effect for me, like a rattle, the sound of moms and grandmothers who get busy in the kitchen…


Architecture and contemporary art play a role in the development of your collections. Why and how?

I discover every day new creators through the internet and social networks.

I really like contemporary art, that does not mean that I am an expert but I like when it is simple and also complex at the same time, but especially with a strong message or an interesting aesthetic.



Your workshops are in Paris. Why this choice ?

The French know-how is really impossible to find elsewhere, to make encounters that change your life, beautiful stories that plunge you into the 90s in the history of sewing, it is priceless!

Paris is magic for that and it is also a very beautiful address, I couldn’t hope anywhere better.

What are your good Tunisian addresses in Paris, when you are in need of Tunisia?

Mamamushi is a new concept store that brings together several brands, it is led with great taste by two beautiful Tunisian sisters 😉

At Bob’s house in Tunis when I’m in need of heat or spice: p the best brik in Paris, an institution!


Who are your collections for?

To all women without age or culture limits, a free, timeless woman who is always looking for originality through what she wears or through what she undertakes.

What are your plans for the future?

Going through the world and travel even more to promote my collections and my universe. I also hope in the future to do more collaborations with other designers and people who inspire me every day in my work.



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