Once Upon a time, a fertile plain in Morocco…

Once upon a time, there was a fertile plain in Morocco. It was called ULILI by our ancestors. They named it after a small tree which colorfully adorned the plain with gorgeous pink and white roses. On such fertile land, the Romans built Volubilis, where seven centuries later, Idriss became king. Today, only a few remnants and a mausoleum remain, adorned as always by the thriving colorful flora. Just like the flowering tree whose essence bears the memory of a thousand years, ULILI candles in their amber wax capture the fragrant memories that inhabit the Moroccan imagination.

ULILI, is as well the story of a real crush that we wanted to share with you. These candles coming directly from Morocco are first of all, a meeting in Grasse between Marianne Nawrocki, perfumer, and Omar Benjelloun a lover of the natural and historical heritage of Morocco. Inspired by Omar’s texts , the “nez” unleashed all her creativity to transcribe into the magical language of scents ULILI’s olfactory reveries.
These two have explored several themes related to the Moroccan olfactory memories to create unique, fragrances for the candles shaped by hand in a workshop located in Casablanca.

perfumed mint tea served in Café Hafa to its many generations of visitors.

We were especially enchanted by the amber color, given by the candle. This is due to the beeswax harvested from the foothills of the Rif Mountains.in the North of Morocco, explains Omar Benjelloun.

The creative process is inspired by specific places that have an “olfactory soul”, and we have selected for you some very iconic perfumes of the Morocco.

Hafa is the name of a mythical café in Tangiers, where its perfumed mint tea is served to its many generations of visitors.

Oum Rabie is the name of a long river in Morocco. The name means Mother of Spring. This scent is inspired by a walk through the blooming orange trees at the mouth of the Oum Rabie. …
Musk E’lil is another fragrance available on our e-shop. It means in English, night musk, and it is the arabic name of night jasmine, also called queen of the night. The Musk E’lil is a shrub whose flowers perfume the gardens during summer evenings in Morocco
El Arz means cedar in Arabic, and is a tribute to the majectic beauty of Atlas cedars. A round, peaceful and comforting cedar.
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