Beauty secrets from moroccan women

     Morocco is full of local ingredients to take care of your skin while respecting its ecosystem. Rose Water, Orange Blossom, Black Soap, Rhassoul and many others are part of the real pillars of Moroccan beauty rituals.

     For centuries now, these ingredients have been cooked, mixed and tested by Moroccan women who have made beauty recipes out of them and transmitted them to their daughters and granddaughters. These recipes have been for a long time, a family secret, a heritage, a footprint of the Moroccan culture. Today, for the greater benefit of your skin, these traditions and rituals travel across the globe and are generously shared with the rest of the women around the globe.

Zoom on the benefits…

Argan oil, focus on an ingredient with countless properties

The Argan oil is a precious ally for skin and hair. This oil is well known today by women from all over the world, however the secret has been kept for a long time by moroccan women. This «  gold liquid » has the advantage of nourishing both hair and skin but also dry hands and brittle nails. This oil is nourishing, restructuring and regenerating. Not only is the Argan oil extremely beneficial regarding the elasticity of the skin, it also fights cracks like irritations. Last but not least, its anti-aging properties make it ideal to prevent skin-aging.


Prickly pear oil, a rare and yet lead product of all the beauty rituals

Wrinkles and old age have always been the sworn ennemies of women. For centuries, young Moroccan women have been looking for the miracle cure against ephemeral youth : the prickly pear oil. Thanks to its powerful anti-oxidant power, it acts as a dam against premature aging of the skin and fights the effects of age. On the other hand, this oil extracted from the seeds of the fruit of the fig tree of Barbary, is rich in vitamin E and protects the skin against the aggressions that it can undergo daily. Finally, prickly pear oil contains omega 6 which help fighting considerably against the dehydration of the skin.


The black soap, a must in the traditional Hammam ritual.

Made from a blend of oil and crushed black olives, the black soap helps exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead skin cells and impurities. This natural product rich in vitamin E, allows cell regeneration, soothes and matches any skin type from the softest to the most irritated ones, while moisturizing them.


The Rhassoul, a treasure on its own !

Directly from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, the Rhassoul is far from being a clay like any other. Known for its washing, softening, absorbing and purifying properties, this clay is beneficial both for skin and hair. As far as hair are concerned, the Rhassoul soothes scalp with dandruff tendency and absorbs and regulates the excess of sebum. Thus, it is the powerful ally of oily hair and gives shine and softness to your precious hair. The Rhassoul can also be used on the face as a mask for acne-prone skin with clogged pores leaving room for a soft and supple skin.



Rose water, more than just a scent

If you are bewitched by the scent of a rose, you’ll be for sure charmed  by Morocco’s most popular flower. This water is one of the most surprising ingredient you can add to your beauty habits and yet its benefits are important to give a naturally healthy glow to your skin. In addition to smelling divinely good, Rose Water is used as a tonifiant and smooth cleanser. This hydrate refines skin texture, tightens pores and moisturizes and revitalizes the skin. It also helps hear scars, soothe the skin and even alleviate stress and anxiety. The antioxidant properties of the Rose Water help strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues.


Orange Blossom Water, the delicious Mediterranean fragrance.

Slightly sweet and very sunny, the orange blossom distills its odor from the small shrub on which it grows. Softening, it helps rebalance dry skin, make it smoother and radiant and prevent the appearance of brown spots. In addition to this softening effect of the epidermis, Orange Blossom Water would even favour the formation of hair fibers and the regrowth of nails.


Thanks to the generosity of the Moroccan products and beauty recipes, you can now be proud to say that you are NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL. Find all these beauty secrets on our eshop

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