Jude Benhalim shares her tips to enjoy summer !

Summer is almost settle everywhere and holidays are just around the corners (if they haven’t yet started!). The perfect occasion for us to sit with our designers and talk about their summer plans and what they like the most about the season. Let’s start with the Cairo-based most trendy jewel designer Jude Benhalim.

Jude Benhalim

Hello Jude! Can you tell us what do you like the most about your hometown?

I’ve always lived in Cairo and the people, chaos and culture has always played a huge role in my character. I’m very attached to home however it’s very difficult to distinguish what I like most. I like how the country is always full of surprises whether it’s new places to visit, new people to meet or how there is a trend that comes up every once in a while. Egypt is a beautiful country with such diverse cultures and ethnicities, you feel like you are always going through a new experience.

According to you, what are the 3 best places you are always heading to while in town?

First, I’m always heading to downtown Cairo to see the new shops, designers and carpenters and inspire myself and see what the market has to offer. Second, the salon! Sometimes after a hard week of work and playing with jewelry and stones, you just need to pamper your hands.

Also, the office. I can’t remember a time when the office wasn’t my number one place to go too. Even if it’s just for a little while, the office has become like a safe heaven to me and being midst all of the action relaxes me.

Bijoux Jude Benhalim

How does your hometown, or your travels, inspire your collection?

I find inspiration in geometric shapes and architectural constructions, and brings these ideas to life through a fusion of materials and concepts that bring a mix of tradition and modernity.

Your top 3 destination to leave on holidays?

I don’t have top three destinations however every summer I make it a point to South East Asia for inspiration and tranquility. As much as I love the Urban Rebel in me sometimes you just need to surround yourself with nature. Traveling opens my eyes to a different artistic approaches to my design process so I come back rejuvenated filled with positive vibes and inspiration.

I also love Sinai, it’s so peaceful and so serene. When you’re leaving in the city, getting away from all the noise and clutter is a must.


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Your 3 must-have for summer?

Beach clutch, sun glasses, and statement earrings

Ella - Province d'Uva - Sri Lanka

Credit photo: Voyageurs du monde

How will your days look like in holiday this summer?

This summer I’m travelling to Sri Lanka. So my days will be filled with hikes, exploring and definitely a lot of eating is involved. The combination of vivid cultures, fascinating foods and people really does charge me up with creative ideas for new collections and designs



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