New Year, new challenges

Dear readers,

Thank you for following us in 2017, and for being there with us since our launching! The year 2017 has been filled with new challenges that we have raised thanks to you, your unconditional support and your positive feedbacks. We would like to thank you for your encouragement and enthusiasm around the concept My Souk In the City and our selection of designers.

The Arab world is experiencing a lot of upheavals today and we still know very little in France, or elsewhere in the Western world  about the creative and contemporary initiatives from these countries. Yet fashion is booming from Casablanca to Dubai, via Beirut and Cairo. The fashion coming from the Arab world is in constant renewal, as modern and ambitious as in Paris or London. The designers are women and men open to the world who have valued and transformed their cultural heritage to fit into their current era.

My Souk In The City selection brings together many independent, modern women, who addresses today a cosmopolitan and international clientele. Borders no longer exist thanks to the magic of digital.

We have shipped since our launching in France but also in several countries around the world: Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Morocco, Australia … Like our selection, you are always reaching out for the latest trends, and love to discover the best designers of these new emerging regions, with a strong fashion potential.

It reinforced my willing to continue to share with you these gems coming from the Arab world, always convinced that fashion does not have borders nor religion.

We are starting the year 2018 with many new projects, including setting up our team at Station F, the biggest incubator in the world. Also on the program, more fashion discoveries with the arrival of ever more exclusive designers, as well as a new home & lifestyle offer. Our ambition is to continue to make you dream and travel through our selection. In 2018, we will also share with you more of our favorites places, which will make you love the Maghreb and the Middle East!

Hasnaa Guessous

My Souk In The city Founder

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