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Maha Slimani, aka @mahaslim, is THE insta girl to follow ! With her 20K followers, this Parisian girl who works as a Model Manager at IMG Models, has a great sense of humor ! She handles brilliantly the second degree, she’s like your best friend you love to follow in her daily adventures, between sports, work and passion for food.   

Maha does not miss neither the opportunity to get a vitamin D cure during a weekend. She shares with us her addresses and tips for a successful getaway in Oran.

1. You traveled to Oran recently, this destination still remains quiet unpopular, can you tell us your thoughts about your visit to this city?

It’s a beautiful city, with a vibrant cultural heritage and past. The Ottomans, Spanish and of course the French are part of the different communities who shaped the city and its architecture. The setting with the sea lining the city offers a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean and the bay of Oran.

I was also amazed by the beauty of its sky! A piercing blue offering almost an infinite visual perspective. And crazy sunset! Magnificent !!!

2. Is it really possible to visit the city without knowing local people?

Yes of course. We can find the information on the internet and the city is safe, there are no fears at this level. However, being accompanied by locals is a plus. They will take you to the “unusual” or “confidential” places and above all you will have a better understanding of the city, its history, heritage, culture, and way of life.

3. Where to stay?

 At the hotel. We were at the FourPoints, in Oran. The hotel is very comfortable, very well located and accessible. It has an amazing view across the sea!

Otherwise, other Hotel choices are possible depending on your budget (Le Meridien, The Sheraton, The Ibis hotel, The Royal). Airbnb also exists and is growing, this may be another option.

4. What are your recommendations for a drink?

I had a big crush for the “Petit Chalet”, at kristel. Otherwise, I can recommend Le ciel d’Oran at the Sheraton and Latitude 35, the terasse located at the bar of the Meridien Hotel.

5. Your favorite spot for lunch?

With no hesitation, I would say the restaurant La Fontaine des Gazelles, in Arzew (about 18 miles from Oran). You will have lunch in front of the sea, with probably having the best fish from the region.

6. Where can we most appreciate the local food ? 

Well, ideally you need to find someone from Oran who invites you at his place.

To be honest, I don’t have in mind a specific place where you can eat local dishes ! I had the chance to taste it with friends and family from Oran.

7. What can we visit in Oran?

You can visit the city center as a whole: walk along the streets, avenues and squares to appreciate the architecture of the city.

Credit Photo : Maha Slimani

Medin jdida : the new city, it is the historical and commercial district of the Oran, built during the colonial period

Santa Cruz Basilica : located on the heights of the city, you will appreciate the breathtaking view over Oran. It was definitely my crush during this stay.   

Le  Sacré Cœur, a cathedral located at the heart of Oran, which is now a library. 

The arms place, where are located the city hall and the theatre. 

The Great Synagogue of Oran.

The Bey palace, a former Ottoman palace.

The catacombs.

8. What are your recommendations for a perfect city break in Oran ?

In addition to the addresses and spots described above, it is essential to visit the corniche (road that leads to the beach), go to the Andalusian beach, and the village of Ain El turc (for its beach).

Les Ambassadeurs Restaurant

And for the restaurants, I recommend :

– Le Saint Trop

– Les ambassadeurs at the Hotel Royal

– The Oran fishery, a fish restaurant at the port

You must also go for the grilled meat and test the sandwich kerentika, which is a local specialty!

9. What should be the planned budget for this sunny escape ?

With the hotel, and obviously the price can vary between the seasons, you should expect a budget of  600€ to 800€ for two people. 

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