Take me to Roma

We are launching a new series of articles, to allow our community to discover themselves, interact with us, and share their best plans but also bad experiences. This season, our customers share directly their recommendations about their last trips and addresses they liked the most during their stay !

The first we have started with is Imène, one of our loyal customers taking us to Roma …

In a few words, tell us a bit about yourself ?

I travel very often, I love discovering new cities and new cultures, meeting new people and eating different things

How long have you stayed in Roma ?

I stayed only 2 days, a very short stay for Roma but very intense

What are the must see/do in Roma according to you ?

There are so many must-sees in Roma. If you have to choose, I would say :

Credit : Wikipedia

– The coliseum

Credit : Ethereum World News

– The Vatican

Credit : @Chiara Ferragni 

– The Trevi Fountain

Credit : IL COVO

– The Roman Forum which I loved !

Which adresses do you recommend to go out ?

Pane & Vino, best panini of Roma, to have a quick lunch during a crazy day of visits ! Due to our very short stay, we did not have the time to experiment other places…

Whats the MSITC piece that never leaves you ?



The MSITC tote bag, very useful & so stylish !

*Credit cover picture : Amisol Travel

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