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If we had to choose one word to sum up our meeting with Rani Zakhem, it would definitely have to be “magic.” We immediately felt like we were in a fairy tale when we visited his atelier in Beirut. We discovered row after row of beautiful dresses. Each one was made from breathtaking materials and […]...

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At a cafe near Ecole Militaire called Tourville, we had breakfast with Pamela Oussadon, founder of swimsuit brand Pamela Beaumane. As soon as we see her at the entrance of the cafe, we note her beautiful smile, sparkling eyes and instantly feel a connection. Of course, we could not have been more right as our […]...

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We are pleased to present the designers of the month: Aya and Mounaz Abdelraouf of Okthein. The brand’s name means “two sisters” in Arabic, and these Cairo raised siblings have been fascinated by fashion and creation since they were children. Eventually, Aya studied communication and digital design at the American University of Cairo. Mounaz joined […]...

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This young Lebanese designer has a very impressive fashion resume. She began her career path by attending the Instituto Marangoni in Milan and the Institute of European Design. After graduating, she had stints at Elie Saab and Erdem before launching her own brand. Mira was selected by the Starch Foundation, created by Rabih Kayrouz and […]...

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Picture this: a structured white top, jeans, beach sandals, a sleek bob and nude makeup. This is the figure that greets us at the entrance of the restaurant where we are to meet Shooq, the brand manager of NS by Noof. As we sit down, it is hard not to notice her clutch that she places […]...

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This past summer we travelled to Beirut to look for undiscovered designers for My Souk in the City. We fell in love with the spirit of this city, and we are excited to show you what we discovered as we searched Beirut for new talent. The capital of Lebanon is only a 4-hour flight from Paris, […]...

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This week My Souk In The City is taking you to Morocco to discover a new brand that never ceases to surprise us: Jnoun-Studio. We met with its designer, Zahra at the Grand Comptoir- a celebrated Parisian brasserie decorated in the style of 1930’s in Rabat. We are incredibly excited to share this brand with […]...

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New Tangier

One afternoon in Paris we met with Kenza, the designer of New Tangier, to discuss the brand she founded in 2014. The designs she creates are refreshing, and they makes us forget the stifling heat which has taken over Paris this summer.  As Kenza discussed her brand with us, it made us want to travel […]...

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Rendezvous With… You!

Welcome to My Souk in the City! Each week we plan to offer an escape into the landscape of fashion and design from North Africa and the Middle East with interviews from designers, actors and other notable people from the region. However, at this moment, there is nothing more important to us than meeting with […]...

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