New Tangier

One afternoon in Paris we met with Kenza, the designer of New Tangier, to discuss the brand she founded in 2014. The designs she creates are refreshing, and they makes us forget the stifling heat which has taken over Paris this summer.

 As Kenza discussed her brand with us, it made us want to travel to Tangier and to the workshop where the products are produced. In short,  we were simply charmed with her story. Kenza began her career at Jimmy Choo in London where she began work designing shoes and leather goods for the prestigious brand. In 2009, Jimmy Choo sent her to the famous leather workshops of Florence to deepen her technical knowledge of shoemaking alongside master craftsmen.

It was in Italy where she realized that luxury, before all, is a craft enhanced by design. That idea magnified when she thought of the leather crafts created in her own country. Eventually, Kenza returned to London to continue working in sales, customer relations and team training in artistic culture at Louis Vuitton. However, her New Tangier project began to emerge and take shape.


New Tangier tells the story of ancient Moroccan leather craftsmanship through its line of modern accessories. The designs Kenza crafted are upscale and feature clean lines and timeless qualities. Each bag is handmade and reflects the expertise of Moroccan craftsmen who use highly specific techniques and materials. It is the ultimate wish of Kenza to continue promoting the work of the Moroccan artisan and show that it can adapt to the needs and lifestyle of the modern woman.  

Each creation from New Tangiers bears the name of a woman: Sofia, Karima, Chemsy etc. It is no surprise that we have a real obsession for these bags that can be worn at anytime for any occasion.

New Tangier draws its inspiration from the past and future of its namesake city – a precious jewel nestled between the East and West. Our journey to Tangiers might have ended, but we look forward to continuing it with you.
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