This week My Souk In The City is taking you to Morocco to discover a new brand that never ceases to surprise us: Jnoun-Studio. We met with its designer, Zahra at the Grand Comptoir- a celebrated Parisian brasserie decorated in the style of 1930’s in Rabat. We are incredibly excited to share this brand with you as we delve into its world and inspiration.

Jnoun Studio was born from the creative minds of two Moroccan sisters. The name was inspired by a mythic Moroccan being called the “jnoun.” These secretive creatures appear without warning in various forms, and it is this spirit that permeates the creations of Zahra and Meriem.

Jnoun 1

These sisters fully embody the nomadic spirit of My Souk In The City. The designers spend their time between Rabat, Paris, and New York. Meriem lives in Brooklyn, and she is involved with several creative projects that include an exhibit of videos shown at the MoMA PS1. Meanwhile, Zahra recently moved to Rabat  to launch jnoun Studio. She spent several years in Paris working at Marie Claire as a fashion and marketing account manager for the magazine. Inspired by their rich multicultural experiences and influences, the sisters launched their brand with a capsule collection that invites us to travel to mystical Morocco.

The collection was launched with two designs available in several styles- each named after a city in Morocco. The first pattern, “Caïdale,” is printed on fine cotton, and is reminiscent of the nomadic tents it is named after. We love this print’s collection of clean lines and structured silhouettes. We have a weakness for the Rabat and Casablanca jackets which would be perfect for a Parisian summer.


Jnoun 3

The next pattern, “Dune,” consists of pictures of Sahara dunes superimposed on a delicate white linen. This unique print of bright colors perfectly reflects the boldness that we love and expect from the Bennani sisters.


Jnoun 4

Each item is produced in a limited edition using the patterns designed by Meriem before being digitally printed on materials such as refined thick cotton or linen. This is not an easy thing to accomplish, but we think it is pulled off beautifully by the the Jnoun Studio team.

In short, we are floored by the wealth of artistic talent found in this first project from Jnoun Studio. Their opening event was attended by several artists including Daniel Arnold, a celebrated fashion photographer for American Vogue, and Flavien Berger who composed the music.

The jnoun sisters have  bewitched us with their originality, and we look forward to their next collection to be launched in October. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Jnoun 5

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