Our meeting with Tatiana and Joanne, creators of the brand Vanina, took place during the Parisian design trade show, Tranoi. These childhood friends started their brand while at university, and it has grown into a perfectly balanced poetic spirit of their two aesthetics.

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Vanina was born 8 years ago with a commitment to being eco friendly, and it is now the backbone of the brand. Fashion is a tool for Joanne and Tatiana that enables them to positively influence their entire environment through responsible eco initiatives, creations, and active participation in community development projects. Thus, they favor working with Lebanese artisans who create pieces by hand in their workshops.

They also work with local NGOs for the procurement and manufacture of their products. In addition, they also use recycled products and biological materials to make their stunning collections.These initiatives create a sense of varied design and poetic subtlety. It take us straight into a dreamy dimension that responds perfectly to modern fashion trends and ideologies.


'say it differently' rings 'say it differently' bracelets VaninaApparel-00492 VaninaApareltweak-00256

Their latest conceptual  jewelry collection is called “leaves,” and it was designed with 3D printing technology by Vanina. This collection uses a symbiosis of technology and ecology by using 3D sculptures and paper mixed with Swarovski crystals. It is an Art-Deco style reminiscent of traditional techniques revisited thanks to digital technology. The jewels ‘Leaves’ are designed using design software and advanced architecture.

'leaves' necklace

As you can see, Vanina delivers us a collection full of surprises each season by combining fashion and ethical ideas. This concept strengthens the emotion aroused by each of their products. It is no surprise that the brand has managed to grow and find its place among global retailers in recent years.

'prelude' necklace'a la russe' earrings

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