SUMMER GUIDE: your outfit essentials to your dream vacation

Summer is finally back, which means to you, that time for sun, relaxation and escape is officially back. That’s exactly the same for us! Extended weekends take shape throughout the month of July, ending with the holidays in August. Each new season also announces the renewal of your wardrobe. Yes, but to be chic all summer, make sure to match your wardrobe to the places you have set your sights on!


Credit photo : Pameviola

Mediterranean Addict : heading to Ibiza, the star of the Balearic Islands

For you, only crystal clear waters and idyllic beaches of the Mediterranean worth the trip. Crazy parties are not for you: you prefer to settle down in the north of the island, renowned for its serenity and bohemian atmosphere. On the program side, you will love to go out for walks in the heart of small stone villages, sunbathe on the island’s must-see beaches and, of course, enjoy nice evening on the terrace with your new friends. On the look side, trust My Souk in the City to help you catch all of the lights under all circumstances.


The white long dress with English embroideries definitely made a statement this season. All the more when it undercovers your recently tanned shoulders! This beautiful dress designed by Jessica K is perfect for all of your summer circumstances: a walk in the little alleys of small villages, a day in an idyllic cove or a party with friends… You’ll need to make it yours without further delay!

Maram-ruffles dress

What would you think about showing one naked shoulder nicely gilded by the sun? Trust us, it is the height of sensuality! And what about adding to that an outstanding ocean-colored silk dress with delicate fringes overlaid? This melt gives you THE dress of your summer, at the top of all the latest trends with a little sexy twist. This is part of Maram’s latest arrival from her summer collection. Her mix and match of fabrics and colors are always very sharp and addictive!

Cracked Concrete Earrings Blue

We like to pick golden jewelry to enhance our tan and attract the light during our summer days. These cracked earrings decorated with blue stones are from the latest collection “Cracked Concrete” made by the designer Jude Benhalim. It will immediately give a crazy style to all your summer looks, and will perfectly fit to the poetic and bohemian atmospheres that you will feel in the heart of the island. For a totally natural yet glamorous touch that will make you shine.


Credit photo : Ohh Couture

50 shades of blue: heading to Santorin in the heart of the Cyclades

This summer, your new challenge is to discover new gems among the numerous paradisiac islands of the Cyclades in Greece. Each one is absolutely unique and offers landscapes and unique atmospheres. Exit, the traditional Paros, Mykonos or Hydra that you already know by heart! This summer, head for the beautiful Santorin and its iconic villages: Oia, Imerovigli, Fira… All located on the heights of the island that overlook the Mediterranean and offer breathtaking views. Let us introduce our 100% My Souk in the City looks for a successful stay.

Chemisier Anissa Aida

The perfect aesthetic that you are has a 6th sense, just like a chameleon: you simply adore melting in the landscape and adopting all of the codes, colors and local traditions. In the Cyclades, and especially when in the beautiful Santorin, white and blue are a must. All the little houses and chapels are decorated exactly in that colors. So guess who will become your best ally? The blue cotton blouse designed by Anissa Aida, of course!

sandales iARA

On the shoes side, you’ll also opt for simplicity. Remember that the Spartan has its origins in Greece! And we absolutely want to plays it local and traditional this summer. The ostentatious? Very little for the Cyclades! Play it cool, put on pretty leather sandals that will unveil the pretty colors of your pedicures. The leather shoes created by the designer iAra meet all of the criterias for your stay in Santorin: simple and elegant, they are comfortable to walk and will fit with all your styles. And the whole collection is on sales!

Pochette New Tangier

On vacation or extended weekends, you don’t have to carry all your life in your bags. Just take your essentials and slip them in one of the ethnic clutches realized by the very inspired designer of New Tangier. It will shine from all their silver floss to make you shine in the small streets overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. And trust us, it will soon become your new favorite clutch!


Credit photo : Lovely Pepa

Dolce Vitta and gourmet stay, viva Positano 

« Capri c’est fini… » This french song of Hervé Vilard is in your head as soon as you hear about the Italian Riviera? So we do! The Amalfi Coast is at the center of all discussions these days, and is truly a must for your extended weekends or holidays. Cherished by all the city guides, influencers and of course all your friends, Positano is one city of a kind which combine elegance, relaxation and gastronomy. Discover our ideal outfits for strolling along the cobbled streets that goes directly down to the sea.

 Vanina Tatiana Fayad


A chic dress and fringes, per favore! We love to see our favorite designers embody their collections, just like the radiant Tatiana Fayad from Vanina’s duo. We are so inspired by this ultra trendy style and its silk taffetas dress that we will choose in the short version to face the summer heat of the Italian coast. Twist it with gold accessories, a pair of maxi sunglasses and you’re ready to go!


Foulard Karine Assaf


There is nothing as the Italian elegance. To be at the height of chic, opt for a silk scarf in the shades of orange, red and pink, with notes of turquoise, designed by Karine Assaf. Their colors will marry perfectly to the nice pop facades of the little houses that border the Mediterranean coves. On the shoulders, around the waist or on your hair, you will find a thousand ways to match it with all your outfits!


The style lies in every detail. And especially, in the choice of accessories that will sublimate your looks! Whether you like it  gold or silver, the new architectural and refined collection imagined by Calepinage will delight the most demanding of you. These unique and original creations will go in pairs with your basic slim jeans, basic t-shirt and sneakers but also with your festive outfits for parties at the water’s edge.








Credit photo : Brian_sweet


Overactive city dweller, let’s go to the Enchanting Lanes of Amsterdam

Enjoying lazy weekends, toes stretched out by a pool or a beach, not much for you? Are you more into cultural discoveries, mixed with the emblematic historic landscapes of the major European cities, which you try to escape to as often as possible? From early morning rise to late night, you stroll through the alleys, climb the hilly roads if necessary, visit the museums inevitably without asking yourself any question? Your outfits have to be as comfortable as possible to follow all of your movements, but without ever renouncing to your great sense of style. Discover our 3 must-haves 100% My Souk in the City!

Robe Vanina

Fashion addict, you have already adopted the street-wear trend of the season which consists of mixing evening dresses with your basic t-shirts. On the dress side, you will love this silk mini dress imagined by Vanina in a great yellow mustard shade (color hype of the summer) whose pleated movement will liven up to the rhythm of your walk!

Second st_robe_chemise_sans_manches_blanche_side

You must feel comfortable in your sneakers to wander for hours. And especially, in your outfit! No embarrassment will be tolerated and you will love to move in all lightness. So choose one of the shirt dresses from Second ST: not only will you support a great cause, as part of the profits of the brand are redistributed to Creative Space Beirut, a non-profit fashion school, but you will also have all the pace and elegance needed for your city walks.

Sac Farah Asmar

This trilogy of bags designed by the jordanian designer Farah Asmar will not be too much for your trip to Amsterdam. As a good self-respecting urbanite, you have a bag for all and every occasion. And there will be so much things to do and deal with during your stay in Dam: picnic in the parks, boat trips between the canals, brunch in the only Avocado bar in Europe … All the colors of these bags will be up to date whatever your plan for the weekend is!

*Cover picture, credit photo : Caroline Receveur

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