Prepare your summer style with Elsa O

Let’s admit something ! Accessories are our best friends. They bring a note of freshness to any too classical outfit; whether it’s a small belt with a simple pair of jeans and T-shirt, or a structured handbag with a formal outfit… But we consider jewelry as another category. They unveil our personality, highlight our hairstyles, our face’s curves or angles. Didn’t you ever noticed how a simple pair of earrings could change it all ? Or how a large necklace with a shirt could completely upgrade the whole style ?


If you are crazy about accessories, here is a selection of our Elsa O. must-haves. Her style is warm and colorful. It is a pure shot of joy and happiness ! For more fun, you can even mix and match the styles, but be prepared, it might be difficult to resist


Elsa O. also designs brooches. If you thought that it was an old-fashioned trend, you might be surprised. Elsa O. managed to bring it up to date … and we are loving it !

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