Imjila, the brand that makes us travel

This week we have introduced a new brand on our e-shop, which has been a real crush since we discovered it! We are literally under the spell of this jewelry brand with minimalist lines, which represents the fusion of modernity and cultural heritage.


Indeed, IMJILA is a Parisian brand, launched a few months ago by Imen Bouhajila, which aims to encourage travel and the discovery of cultures. Thus, the essence of the brand is to combine tradition and contemporary to create timeless pieces for modern women. The goal, for Imen, is to provide real authenticity to the jewel.

The first collection is inspired by the Amazigh culture, called Berber, originating from North Africa. Imen being Tunisian, wanted to launch her brand with a first collection that reflects her identity. Composed of a multitude of pieces (necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings), this collection is a wonderful take on Amazigh codes and symbols to create meaningful pieces. Indeed, it takes again symbols and tattoos expressing human and spiritual values, which are part of the daily Amazigh.

Lucky charms, amulet necklaces, or tattoos bracelets, it’s up to you to choose the piece that suits you best !

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