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Our Top 6 key trends spotted on our favorites influencers

The arrival of autumn makes us want to change everything in our wardrobe: it’s over, swimwear and mini-dresses, the temperatures drop and all we want is new looks that match the new trends of the season. Let’s focus on some statement styles inspired by our favorite influencers to shop right away on My Souk in the City!

Rocky Barnes and her MyKilimShop leather bag

Rocky Barnes 2 Rocky BarnesDABBA

No matter the seasons, what really matter is to keep a Gypset style inspired by Californian girls all year round. Rocky Barnes is a true inspiration: adventurous traveler, the call of the beach is never far when we watch at her blog. Hair enlightned by the sea, surf and sun, she is dedicated to fashion with values, especially when it comes to sustainable and engaged brands. The collections of MyKilimShop, whose leather bags are made from unique Kilim Vintage, will match every look: from simple embroidered skinny jeans and pullovers to a little evening dress or a back-to-work chic style.

Shop MyKilimShop, starting from 139€.

Rocky Barnes Blog : http://rockybarnesblog.com/

Lana El Sahely from L’armoire de Lana and her total pyjama look

Lana Sahely F Jess. K Sept. 1715176OKSITE

Lana el Sahely is the Lebanese creative girl to follow! Founder of L’armoire de Lana, she is a real business girl, always at the forefront of the latest trends with a special taste for the trendiest pieces of the most exclusive designers. She was lately seen on Instagram with a “back to work” style made of a silk shirt and its pajamas matching pants. We shop the same ones from Jessica K, another Lebanese girl, easier to wear everyday if chosen in plain black velvet with red stitching. Looking at the accessories, we choose ballerinas or a high heels, according to our daily mood!

Shop Jessica K last collection, starting from 230€.

Website : www.larmoiredelana.com

Sofya from La Couleur de Moment and her sportswear chic look

Sofya Benzakour pink_skirt_bomber green_vest_trousers

Sofya Benzakour is the Moroccan blogger of the moment that we follow closely. The young architect based in Paris has some very creative ideas we love, and the colors and inspirations she puts forward are particularly appealing to us. We are keen on her accessible sporty chic style which we gladly adopt for an office look.

Shop Mounay’s latest arrival, starting from 178€.

Sofya Benzakour’s blog : http://www.lacouleurdumoment.com/

Karen Wazen Bakhazi and her leather / vinyl look

Karen Wazen F Jess. K Sept. 1714965OKSITE

Mother of three children, Karen Wazen Bakhazi is a Lebanese who has chosen to settle under the sun of Dubai. We love her exceptional sense of humor: her Instagram account is as light as the dew of the morning, and her good mood communicative! As for her style, Karen makes no fault: good taste and aesthetics are always there. We adopt with no further delay the total leather trend with Jessica K’s total look, our favorite inspired Lebanese designer and proud mom! For a sexy back-to-work look with no compromise.

Shop Jessica K last collection, starting from 230€.

Follow Karen Wazen Bakhazi on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karenwazenb/

Negin Mirsalehi and her leather jacket

Negin Mirsalehi Amina K

Negin Mirsalehi is one of the most influential bloggers in the world! With more than 4.3 million followers, the beautiful Dutch lady is an endless source of inspiration, both by her acute sense of style, her success as a business girl and a lifestyle based on exotic travel. We love her total leather look! Just like her, head to the latest collection of the Egyptian designer Amika K: with or without sleeve, varsity inspired (or not), the faux leather jackets will enhance all of your Autumn looks!

Shop Amina K last collection, starting from 84€.

Negin Mirsalehi Blog: http://neginmirsalehi.com/

Sofia el Arabi de Bakchic and her long red dress

Sofia El Arabi F Jess. K Sept. 1715516OKSITE

A real source of inspiration, Sofia el Arabi is feeding her Instagram account just like an ode to her country, Morocco. We like to dream of our next weekends gateaway under the sun (have a look at our top 10 hotspot to be tried urgently in Morocco!) and discover her creations. We can’t get enough of her great sense of details, particularly toward accessories. Side of style, the red is a safe value, whether we are blonde or brunette. We go for the shiny Bordeaux Jessica K dress and her sexy slit, which will make a lasting impression for a desk-to-dinner look.

Shop Jessica K last collection, starting from 230€.

Sofia el Arabi Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/sofiaelarabii/


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