Our Working Girl Outfit selection

WINTER IS COMING, as the trademarked catchphrase says… with these falling temperatures, going out ultra-stylish becomes a real challenge! The truth must not be hidden, we all dream of wearing our hottest sweater, favorite jeans, a pair of sneakers and our warmer coat to go out. But it’s not an easy thing to apply when you’re a real working girl, who has to run from one appointment to another, present her latest figures in front of her board, or her action plan to her customers …

So we thought of you, and we have selected a designer perfectly made for you!



Mona Ead Mikati is the designer of the brand, Mounay. This Lebanese woman, who is now based in Dubai, charmed us with her modern and refined collection. We love her items decorated with delicate details, the soft and refined colors of her collection, and the carefully chosen fabrics!

The Autumn-Winter collection is made up of essentials for a feminine wardrobe, ideal for spending our working days in style. The Mounay woman is both effortless and elegant. Exuberant and refined, her timeless style is unanimous.


Shop Mounay’s collection on our e-boutique !

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