Every jewel has a story, and Cynthia Raffoul knows how to tell its tale in a way unlike anyone else. This was clear after meeting with her one night in trendy Beirut at her pretty boutique, Gemmayze. Needless to say, we were instantly transported into her poetic and dreamy universe.

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Cynthia is a Franco-Lebanese creator of fine jewelry. She studied at ESMOD Beirut and made her first steps in ready-to-wear at Maison Rabih Kayrouz and Alain Mikli. She soon moved into jewelry after she received an initial order to draw a jewel. She discovered the power of the gem and the emotion attached to it. Jewels are beautiful pieces that are passed from generation to generation as its story is enriched through time.


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For Cynthia, fashion and jewelry work together to reveal both the personality and dreams of a person as it highlights their individual beauty. This is  why she does not consider the transition from ready-to-wear to jewelry as a turnaround in her career. Instead, it is a clear evolution of her imagination and dreams. Cynthia dares to reinvent jewelry design with a new approach. She draws inspiration from beauty and dynamism as seen in her dazzling designs and innovative techniques of her most distinguished creations. She claims her jewelry reveals the mood and motivation of a person. If one wears a piece by Cynthia Raffoul, then it will eventually show off the person in the best light possible.

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In addition to creating pieces for her collections, Cynthia conjures up bespoke pieces that look like those who wear them. She takes the time to meet with clients and to understand their story as it will be translated into her design. For example, for one client, a pilot, she designed a ring/ pendant that evokes travel and escape.

The collections of Cynthia Raffoul reflect the multifaceted women whose daily life takes an unexpected turn of originality and poetry.

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