My Souk In The City offers you the chance to discover jewelry featured by designer Roula Dfouni that is sure to make you dream. This Lebanese designer dares to think outside the box, and we offer completely new and inspirational creations from her. After ten years in the business, Roula decided to retrain in jewelry making which has always been a passion. After taking intensive courses at ESMOD Beirut, she finally launched her jewelry brand.


Roula uses affordable and conventional materials that are transformed into original works of art. Her signature style features geometric shapes that give the impression of an unfinished piece made of uncut gems. Each piece has its own character, and that’s what we love about Roula Dfouni- it is easy to see ourselves reflected in every unique piece.




We adored the collection “Construct – Deconstruct.” This collection brings us back to our roots and the Earth which nourishes our soul and creativity as it awakens our imagination. However, sometimes we feel broken down due to the constant changing and exhaustion of our resources. We are fracturing under the weight of our inattention. Luckily, it can be saved and we have the opportunity to do it by rebuilding a healthier Earth that is more durable and stronger. The Construct the Deconstruct collection explores these themes and offers a new perspective that inspiring beauty can originate from the rubble.



Roula DfouniPhoto3Construct-Deconstrcut

The Deconstruct aspect of the collection is a piece created for a soulful artist or explorer. This line is built around an imposing geometric piece that is composed of two separate rings that are available in silver and three different colors. The ring, sold in one piece, invites us to unleash our creativity as we can adjust the pieces according to our mood or personality. This collection allows each to shape his or her own vision of the world.

RD8434R RD8432R RD8430R

Meanwhile, the “Construct” line is for the dreamer or visionary that lies within each of us. It is designed around a silver ring decorated with a series of rectangular shapes that are fixed and immovable. The piece expresses strength and power, and it refers to our roots where we draw inspiration for our destiny and our world. Wear a piece from this line to show to expose and bring forth the future you know belongs to you.

RD8438R RD8440R-W RD8437R

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