Our mother’s day shopping list less than 150 €

Treat your mum for less than 150 € with our special Mother’s Day shopping list!

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion – if we needed one! – to please our dear and loving mothers. Time for our old pasta necklaces made with love at school is over, and you are now looking for that original attention that will make her happy without hurting your wallet. Enjoy yourselves with our dedicated shopping list 100% My Souk in the City! (Pshhht, we also have a secret … A special surprise is hidden in this article!)

If your mom is fashionable …

 bracelet vanina  Bracelet Vanina   

The message bracelet by Vanina – 83 €

« To the moon and back »,« Like the desert miss the rain », « Like fat kids love cakes »… Are you more the kind of introverted one and barely never talk about your feeling nor emotions to anyone? Is your mom far away from you and you miss her a lot? We’ve got that exact piece that you need to get her your message in the most classy and elegant way: fall for Vanina’s Gold plated brass adjustable bracelet! They are made in Lebanon with love.


bague tamarzizt

The pearl ring by Tamarzizt – 75 €

If your mom loves refined and stylish jewelry with straight lines, she might be very likely to melt in front of the stunning creation of Tamarzizt! A special shout out for this gold-plated brass ring and its delicate Swarovski pearls, made in France. At the height of elegance, it will make her hands look more divine than ever and we would bet she will not agree to go away without your precious gift anymore. Just give it a try…


Your mom is keen on decoration…

ULILI 100 gr

The scented candles by Ulili – from 30 to 54 €

Anyone who loves home decoration and take care of their place’s atmosphere will most likely be addicted to candles! Your mother is always ready to lit a candle to light up the atmosphere and bring that special smell that will make the atmosphere so special? We’ve got what she needs! As she already knows ALL the candles of the market, just surprise her with these adorable little pots casted and hand-crafted in ULILI’s workshop in Casablanca.The must ? Not only do their fragrance will give her a journey straight to Morocco, but the packaging of the candles is, as well, a thing by itself! So delightful!


Your mom is a real Parisian (at least, in her soul) …

Boreal 70x70cm Small Europa 70x70 Small Da Vinci 70x70 Small

The silk scarves by Karine Assaf – from 125 to 170 €

La parisienne embodies the quintessence of chic and elegance. But wait, that’s all your mum! And all the real parisienne have her great classics! Cult and timeless, what is the best friend of your mom’s slim denim, her striped shirt and ballerinas? Her 100% silk scarf for sure! The biggest fashion house gave it its letters of glory, it is now the playground of many emerging designers. Choose its colors according to your mother’s eyes, her hair or tanning. Blue, purple, or pink and orange, shine up her style with colors!

Made in Italy, Karine Assaf scarves are real artwork. Hand-drawn and partly hand-painted, Karine’s inspiration comes from Leonardo da Vinci or Botticelli. It will automatically give to your mother’s style that je-ne-sais-quoi so typically parisian.

Your mom is addicted to accessories…

 bague-mini-shift-or-rose  bague-mini-shift-argent  bague-mini-shift-or-jaune

The mini-shift rings by Calepinage – 50 €

Full of resources, your mom is always bringing back many new great treasures from her journey and adventures around the world. Her style, her trademark, is always very elaborated and necessarily implies a huge number of accessories, from necklaces to cuffs, clutches to belts, without forgetting the rings! Show her you know her by heart with these ultra stylish architectural phalange rings made by the designer Calepinage. Silver, gold or pink gold, choose the perfect shade that will match to her panoply!

Tamarzizt Paris - Elyssa Bracelet - EL103 - Fashion Jewelry

The pompom bracelets by Tamarzizt – 70 €

She loves the sun, the sea and summer is definitely her favourite season … And your mom also loves Andalusia! With mid-Alhambra motifs half-Art Nouveau, adorable pompoms and lucky charms, the Elyssa bracelets imagined by Tamarzizt are taking us to a daytime under a bright Andalusian sun. The must? The great trend of pompoms is coming back, and it is always the perfect match with all of our other jewels, giving it a summer twist. Try it on, you’ll definitively adopt it forever.


What if your mom already has everything …

Sandales iARA


The leather Sandals by IARA – 132 €

If your Mom is that kind of epicuriean one who for sure knows how to enjoy herselve, have fun and never look on her spending, the task might appear to be a little more complicated. She always gets what she wants! But not necessarily what she needs… Get her an outstanding useful gift, like a beautiful pair of scandals in leather metallic in a very trendy and feminine color like pink. Summer is just around the corner so it might soon become her better allies!


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