Our summer selection of accessories to shine up your style

Accessories are the absolute must of the season. The heat is back and we take advantage of it to twist all of our looks with colorful scarves, bags or pretty printed pockets, majestic earrings or colored cuffs … All these small unique details that will make your style one of a kind. Whether you like to wear it classic or on a roundabout way, let’s focus on our must-haves of the season, these accessories that will upgrade all of your summer outfits!

If you are planning to attend a wedding…

Out, the little black dress, it is time now to show off your colors! We celebrate the love of your friends who are getting married with joy. As for the choice of your dress to attend this unique event, you might have certainly fall for one of the outstanding shorts or long dresses designed by Jessica K or Vanina this season. With these designs, you will make sure you avoid the classical dress everyone else could possibly have too! It offers a great panel of shapes, prints and colors for unique styles.

But when it comes to the accessories, how can you upgrade your look without outshining the bride? Read our piece of advices!

riviera dress_light lilac_earrings.2

Hoops earrings are a must to highlight your trendy outfits. We love it all the more with beautiful delicate beads as imagined by Tatiana Fayad et Joanne Hayek, the designers behind Vanina who are both truly engaged in an eco-responsible approach.

choker vanina c-alma-6-yellow

The choker also made a major comeback this season. We’ve seen it everywhere on the runaway of the greatest designers for a great reason: it will sublimate your necklines, and its colorful pompons will shift a casual look with a note of fun! So, rather yellow, red or gray? Make your selection from Vanina‘s chocker collection online now.

Mini Anabella Farah Asmar  electric blue mini anabella front     Mini Anabella Farah Asmar

The mini-bag is an absolutely essential accessory for your wedding outfits, not only to just to store your iPhone, but also your make-up and keys! How could you do otherwise? We love the adorable Anabella mini leather bags imagined by Farah Asmar, and we match its colors to those of our make-up or our shoes. Yellow, turquoise or black & white, there’s one for every tastes!

If you are planning to attend a chic Garden Party in Deauville…

The days last longer, and we celebrate the come-back of the beautiful clear summer days that also always rhythm with plenty of chic outdoor Garden Party! Whatever the occasion, from elegant brunch to baby shower, you will be out in the garden sipping elegantly a gentle cocktail with refined flavors. Your style will have to adapt to the constraints of the outside: you will need to be at ease in all circumstances and be ready to touch the grass from (very) close. Regarding your choice of accessories, it needs to be as natural as possible. And there are many ways it could be! Discover our selection to keep your game up.

Boreal 90x90 Small Da Vinci 90x90 Small Europa 90x90 Small

Silk is THE light and noble fabric we need all summer long! The Silk Scarves imagined by the talented Karine Assaf are respectful of the environment and created through a sustainable process. Born out of an experience of optimization of organic waste, the paint used to make the colors of these scarves comes from the combination of fruit and vegetable waste and organic earth pigments. 100% eco-friendly! While you want to wear them around the neck, on a chest, on the shoulder, on the wrist or around the head, we highly recommend you to choose this model and its mix ocher, red, orange and turmeric colors. Two different sizes for endless style possibilities!

Bague Roula Dfouni Bague Roula Dfouni

The raw beauty of Roula Dfouni’s creations will be perfectly adapted to the outdoor atmosphere of any Garden Party. This Lebanese designer comes out of the beaten track with singular and geometric designs combined with earthy, unfinished feel of rough gemstones, and the depth and tactile beauty of her silverwork that create pieces, each one with its own distinctive personality. Let’s impress the other guests with these timeless The Stone rings!

New Tangier clutch

The clutches created by the Tangier designer Kenza Bennani from New Tangier are a clever combination of Italian crafts techniques magnified by typical Moroccan designs. The result? These outstanding Salma clutches available in various shades that will remind you the colors of the spices you can find in the heart of Morocco. So which colors will you be opting for? Ocher shades, green ones, red colors, fuchsia pink or shiny silver?

If you are planning to attend a cosmopolitan evening in Saint-Tropez…

A party girl like you will inevitably stop by the heaven of clubbers from around the world on the French Riviera: the sweet and sulfurous city of Saint-Tropez, where you can meet with the most cosmopolite jet set. To shine bright all night long until the morning in the most refined and upscale addresses of the city, you have no other choice than keeping the game up with a range of outstanding accessories! Discover our selection of must-haves that you will absolutely need to sublimate your holiday looks.

Warrior Choker Susan Urban Maze & Urban Rebel

The new collection of the Egyptian designer Jude Benhalim is a unique balance between tradition and modernity, audacity and femininity. These handcrafted pieces, including this sumptuous 18-carat gold plated necklace adorned with a burgundy stone, will flatter your silhouettes to give you the look of a real amazon!

Tamarzizt Paris - Afrodisiaque - Fashion Jewelry Tamarzizt-Paris-Afromecanica-Earrings-AFM077-Fashion-Jewelry-1-600x600

Spiritual amulets are very strong jewels that easily draw attention. And for a really good reason! Evocative of some lost civilizations from far away countries, it appears as true luck trinkets. Get one of these Afromecanica  or Afrodisiaque models designed by Tamarzizt : it will bring you luck throughout your summer evenings! We love to match it with a timeless outfit like flair jean and a white t-shirt, or your little light summer dresses of all colors.

 electric blue valerie bucket front chains gold valerie side SILVER VALERIE FRONT LONG CHAIN

Do you do you Saint-Tropez? In the cobbled streets lining the citadel, all the extravagances are permitted as long as it shines. Enjoy the most out of it and show off your newly tanned skin with your selection 100% gilded accessories! And the must in this theme is the mini Valérie bucket bag designed by Farah Asmar in water snake. Its exceptional exotic skin will capture all the rays of the sun to make you sparkle with a thousand of solar lights.


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